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January 2012



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Third Trimester ^_^

Welp, I'm in my third trimester (how time flies!) and everything seems to be going well . . . aside from my glucose level which I failed the one hour test and had to take the three hour glucose tolerance test today. I should have those results tomorrow sometime. (would it not just SUCK to have gestational diabetes NOW. During the holidays???? With all those wonderful SWEETS!)

Heck, my paran is saving a sweet potato turnover for me at his house and I might not even be able to eat it *sobs*

BUT THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. I will not cry till I have something to cry about.

And - honestly - if all I ever have in this pregnancy is GD (and carpal tunnel), I figure I'm SUPER lucky.

As it is, the whole having a baby thing became super real today cuz I got a call from this hospital to set up a preadmit appt. I don't think it really hit me that WHOA I'm gonna be in the HOSPITAL soon until that moment. I have to go in after my next doc appt on the 21st (started seeing the doc every two weeks now O.O).

Baby is doing great and squirming around often, my uterus has grown to 29 cm per last visit on the 7th, I've only gained 2 lbs past my prepregnancy weight and I feel great! I'm even over a three week cold I had contracted after my flu shot at the end of October ^_^ I've also taken my RhoGam shot and baby shower is this weekend (I finally got thank you gifts lined up - just waiting on my Dad's and Paran's to come in).

There's still so much to do but I think i have the most important things covered for right. I'm even packed for the hospital! And I'm extremely anxious to get this show on the road . . . (AFTER baby has finished cooking ^_^).

Hope everything is going well for all of you!

- Sandy