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January 2012



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maes hughes is interrupting your thought

Allow me a Moment . . .

To emulate Maes Hughes . . .

I would like to formally announce that as of January 15, 2012, I have been formally inducted into the MOMMY CLUB with the birth of my beautiful baby boy DECLAN MATTHEW - aka the light of my life.

He was born at 5:56pm via a very necessary c-section (the boy was full on breech - butt first and my water had broken over 36 hours before). At birth, he weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 18 inches long.

Aside from a small problem with low platelets and low blood sugar (which resolved themselves within two days), he has been a healthy happy baby. He's a great feeder (I'm breastfeeding so every two hours he's attached to me, literally *LOL*) and an even better sleeper XD I only have to get up maybe twice a night with him.

And everyone agrees he is friggin' adorable (with a full head of hair!) Never mind that he could be my infant twin ^_^ This kid is only a week and four days old and he already has me tied in knots around his little finger.


- Sandy, who is on cloud nine even if she does get weepy every now and again
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... And I disappeared again for over a year. Where does the time GO, srsly?

Your little one is more than a year old now and I've missed you. Missed our group of writerly friends and trading fanfiction back and forth. Squeeing over things we love together and commiserating over the trials and tribulations of real life.

I've joined my local RWA (Romance Writers of America) and I'm finally taking this journey seriously, seems like. Working hard at finishing this novel that's been a bee in my bonnet for years now and trying to implement a platform before I even decide if I want to go the indie route or the traditionally published route.

And through it all, it's selfish to say, I wish our beta group was still up and going because there are days when I know you (and the others) could really help me set these stories straight.

I'm working full-time in a job that I'm not passionate about but otherwise have minimal complaints. The hunger for something, for my work to be making a difference, has been gnawing at me though and I'm applying for a dispatch position through out local community college. We'll see how that pans out.

Are you on Facebook at all? I'd really love to reconnect with you and stay in touch. I just don't make the rounds at LJ all that much anymore, unfortunately.

Please let me know how you and Declan are doing. I think of you often. :)

-Amanda, who is feeling slightly melancholy on a Sunday for no real reason
Hah, I disappeared for TWO it seems *LOL* I'm convinced time goes where socks go missing from the drier.

Declan is almost TWO. I cannot believe it. I see infants and I'm like, "I remember when you were THAT little" and then I have this moment where I want that time back so badly. He's showing terrific two behavior now (like overnight my little angel was gone and this crabby little "no" machine was put in his place) but I love it. If nothing else, Declan knows that I'm the boss cuz when he starts tantruming all I have to do is throw him a look and he calms right down.

I can't say the same for his Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw who give in like nobody's business. But he's in good health, loves school, is a bigtime hugger, and generally happy, obedient-if-independent kid.

That's all I can ask for ^_^

I miss our little corner of fandom too! Actually I miss watching anything that doesn't have to do with Disney channel *LOL* And writing. I say that pregnancy drained all my creativity and parenthood drained all my free time (It's a more than fair trade, really) but I'm SLOWLY starting to write again recently.

AND OMG Congrats on taking the plunge to start your first novel! How's that coming??? If you want me to take a look at what you've got, I can work on comments during my lunch breaks and a little at the end of the day (I have like an hour after I put Decky to bed and bathe before he wakes up wanting to sleep in my bed with me - I got to bed hella early nowadays *LOL*). Whatever you need, just let me know and I'll try to respond in a timely fashion.

As for work, here's my old-lady advice cuz I'm currently LIVING IT: You have to do what makes you happy. If you feel your job isn't fulfilling, you're literally wasting your time. God knows we spend the majority of our waking hours at work, it should be something we love. I loved my job but I was stupid a few months ago and took another position at another company because it was located a SIGNIFICANT distance closer to my son's preschool. I recognize now that I took the job out of fear that something was gonna happen to Declan (he started school right before I started the new job). I realize now that I should have never left my old job because this new one isn't a challenge nor a good match for my skills. I'm trying to get my former job back . . . hoping hoping hoping.

So keep working on that novel! I KNOW you have the stuff it takes to succeed!

Yep I have a facebook, it's under my actual name. I mainly have it up to keep in contact with Declan's siblings (which number at 25 now with another due in January!) but I've been thinking of opening it up to family and friends (I had it open at one point but there was so much drama I closed the thing to anyone who wasn't a sibling).

Declan and I are fine (in case I didn't make that clear) *LOL* I severely need to make a new entry in the baby journal with recent pics. I'll get to working on that. Declan surprises me everyday by how much he learns and I fall more and more in love. His teachers all say he's a joy to teach but . . he climbs on everything - including on top of the aquarium in his class >_<. I'm planning a trip to Disney next year - him, me, and his godmother Emaniahilel.

For his birthday we're going to a local farm to see and feed the animals and then having a very small, very quiet get together with just immediate family to enjoy ice cream cake.

That's pretty much what's going on with me and the bean!

How are you, girl? I'm sorry it took so long to respond!

- Sandy